How to Use Social Media for Business

June 25, 2013

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Social Media is a big term which not just means twitter,facebook etc. but it is also directly related to marketing, business, commerce and influence. Social Media not only helps creating your business, but also helps in growing your business by finding customers for your business. It would not be wrong to say that Social Media is one of the major and important factor for getting success in your business.

Wether it is any online business like e-commerce, Blogging, Products or an offline business, if you are not using social networking well then you are losing much of your influencing power. These are just networking websites, but since they have lots of users using their social network, you can attract some of them for your business.

I will be explaining in this article how can you get started with social media if you haven’t yet and how can you grow your business after implementing some of the techniques.

Why you need Social Media in Business ?

Most people do ask this question, that if you are running an offline business, how can they be profited with Social Media. It isn’t any hard question to answer, but I will explain how is it useful to communicate with people through networking to increase business.

Sites like Facebook, Twitter etc. have authority, because users from every corner of the world use these sites. With such amount of users, you will find users which are living in your region or which are looking or have interest in what you are selling or offering. Just think yourself, what if you just connect with them and give them a link to what they are wanting to buy or what they are looking for. Wrapping all the things, this is why you need to social media for your business.

  1. Business Growth
  2. Increasing Conversions
  3. Increasing Sales
  4. Increasing Influence
  5. Easy medium for communicating with the customers
  6. Customer Feedbacks

How to Get Started ?

Getting Started with Social Media is somewhat easy, maintaining it is hard. So, what you need to do is create social accounts of your brand or product which is the core of your business. You can start with some top social sites like twitter, facebook, google plus, linked in and so on.

What then you have to do is share links to these accounts to your existing customers and users, and also your friends. Unless you amplify your social accounts and updates, you won’t be getting anything positive.

These site produces a lot of traffic, and ultimately this traffic can help you bring more and more sales and conversions.

Increasing Business with Social Networking

Just after you setup your social accounts, you will find that it is hard to attract people to follow you or like your page. Don’t worry, starting with this is always hard but you will find easy and enjoyable afterwards.

You can also use promoted stuffs, like promoted tweets or promoted pages on facebook in order to get the most followers on your social accounts. It  saves time and helps users noticing you.

Once you attract and get followers around your niche, you should get start with a strategy or plan on how you will advertising your services or products to increase the conversions. You will need to reach different groups on facebook, who are related to your niche and share your offers to them. This is more likely to work, but slowly. This rate will increase as soon as your fan following increases. The more followers you have, the more influencing power is yours which will lead your updates to get amplified and go viral sometimes making your graph a success.

Other Things to Keep in Mind

The technique above not always works, but works most times if you follow the same. More followers leads to more success, because it acts as those users who have trust on your product.

Most part of your business success not only depends on Social Media and Marketing strategies, but the major parts includes the offerings you are making. If you are providing a service, you should have dedicated team or individual who can fulfil the service requirements.

You should have a product that is unique, or solves the requirements pretty well and above the customer’s expectancy.

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