How to Stop Twitter Spam Mentions and Direct Messages

March 5, 2013

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A friend of mine told me that he is getting irrelevant spam messages and mentions on twitter yesterday, and I had agreed with him as Twitter is one of the most crowded site, and spammers find it more open to send spam publicly.

After using twitter, I found twitter is best for communicating means and helps increase business too. And since twitter lets you communicate anybody directly, I found it better than facebook and use it more than facebook too. Though more people are facebook addicted than twitter.

But twitter’s support to open communication doesn’t have only advantages, public mentions and direct message(DM) feature is used a lot by spammers for spamming links and irrelevant stuff.

Well, if you have a twitter account, you must be having some of them in your Direct Messages already. And twitter users which have more followers get more such messages and mentions. Unlike Facebook, twitter doesn’t detects such kind of spamming unfortunately, and if you have too much followers, it’s very annoying to have such stuff and manually removing all these takes time.

So, how can you stop this spam ?

Assuming that you have already done lot of mistakes that you shouldn’t have to do, like following unknown and irrelevant users whom you don’t know at all. You can even stop spamming on your account to the least using the following five steps that mostly works.

But make sure not to follow people you don’t know, and only communicate with those whom you find relevant to you and the ones you know and trust.

1. Scan and remove bots and spammers

If you are getting spam on your twitter account, its most probably that you have bots and spammers linked with your account. To get rid of those, you should use apps which can help you remove such bots from your account.

Twitblock is a good and trusted twitter application that scans your account and reports you which of the users your are linked to are running or bots, or inactive since a long time.

This application directly allows you to filter your followers and following list to the most relevant and active users. So, this will help you reduce the spamming on your account to much extent.

2. Monitor your Tweets

If you are heavy twitter user just as me, you must be using any Twitter Client for your devices or anything to go through your twitter updates.

You just need to, because if you want genuine updates, then you should be following twitter users who spread genuine content and useful information. Monitor your twitter timeline, and unfollow all those users who keep on sharing irrelevant news and updates.

3. Keep Track of your Followers

Whenever someone follows you on twitter, the same is notified to you via email.

Don’t ignore such mails, and go through your new followers and check the followers and following ratio. If the person has less followers compared to the ones he is following, then you must ignore such accounts.

This is because most of the people create account for specific reasons and time, and then they don’t even manage and look at the account. Most of such followers are fake or bot accounts. Avoid these followers and report them to twitter too.

4. Don’t believe on Direct Messages

Just because users can send Direct Messages openly, which we often call DMs, people over at twitter use this feature in various ways.


They use it for promotion, traffic, affiliate marketing etc. and there are many apps available which allows them to send mass Direct Messages.

All you can do is ignore such messages. And I take Direct Messages as spam box on twitter, because I see a lot of such spam updates as shown in image are coming everyday.

5. Don’t buy followers

If you are thinking of buying followers for any of your twitter accounts, then drop this idea.

Buying followers is one of the worst idea, because all the followers you get after buying followers are irrelevant and may not be so active or most probably, are fake users. They won’t even reply to your updates and keep sending you direct messages which is annoying.

And if you are building followers for your business or blog, don’t buy them but make genuine followers. Because followers within your niche are most likely to convert and they are more engaging than normal users.

6. Revoke Access to Unused Applications

Twitter Applications can post on your behalf. So, use only those applications which you trust and use regularly.


If you have a look at your applications page, you will see a lot of twitter applications which are in your list and you are not even using them. So, you should revoke access from such applications to keep your account healthy and safe.

Concluding everything, follow the steps below.

  1. Block Unwanted contacts
  2. Don’t Auto follow everyone
  3. Avoid connecting with irrelevant businesses
  4. Use Apps to Reduce Incoming Spam
  5. Consider Other Filtering Tools

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