How to Use Google Search for Keyword Research

April 14, 2013


For ranking on search engines, keyword analysis is one of the important factor. Google Search can help you find right keywords for your blog posts.

In fact, I find Google keywords better than what I research on Market Samurai or Google’s Keyword Research Tool for AdWords Users. Whether you are using such tools for finding right keywords or not, you will find this article helpful for you even if you don’t know keyword research at all.

Google prefers natural SEO (white hat), and for that, we don’t really need anyone’s SEO help. We can write our own articles in the niche we are expert in, and when it comes to Search Optimization, anyone can do it of his own. You just need to find the topic you want to write on, choose a term that’s relevant and have good volume of search, with less competition and focus the term in your article content.

Use Google Search for Finding Keyword

I previously used to use Market Samurai, than I switched to Google’s Keyword Tool, and now, I just use Google Search for researching keywords. I prefer it because its easy, quick and amazing thing is, it works better than any other tool.

Go to and write a two-word term relevant to the article you are going to write about.

You will find in Google’s suggestion while you type your term, believe me, those keywords are the one you are looking for if have an authority type blog. Those types of keywords will send you lot of traffic, and they may or may not have huge competition.

The terms which are suggested in the bottom of a search result are also capable keywords, which are hard to rank though very effective in sending huge traffic to your blog.


You can check the competition by checking the number of search results appearing on your keyword term.

Just use these keyword terms in your blog posts, and you will find yourself getting ranked well in Google, and you will also find traffic to your blog from Google as well as other search engines, because the keyword you will choose from Google Search are capable keywords and can help you rank in other Search Engines too.

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