How to Get Content Ideas for your Blog Posts

April 18, 2013


Bloggers often go blank before writing a blog post on their blog. Some niches are easier to update, but content writing niches are hard to write on.

Even I was out of ideas before writing this article, but considering its a normal issue with most bloggers, I researched into the topic and read some of the great articles. And I am gonna share the best with the readers of Traffic Hood.

When I was talking about niches, I meant niches which needs more writing than just updating the blog. Like, for example, Internet Marketing, or Blogging are some niches which should focus on topics which needs more content, and the topic range is already filtered.

It is easy to update blogs if there’s something trending in the niche, like Facebook recently announced Facebook Home for Android, it was easy for bloggers of tech niche to update blogs. So, it is just based on niche, popular niches gets a lot of trending stuff, and hence the bloggers can update their blog frequently.

So, how to get ideas for your next blog post ?

Follow Blogs in Your Niche on Twitter

This is one of my favorite channel to get your facts updated. It’s very easy thing, you just need to go on Twitter, log-in to your account, and start following blogs which are doing great in your niche.


Believe me, you will get a lot of new updates, trending news in your niche from these blogs on twitter, and you can get inspiration from these articles to make an article on your blog.

I have found this very effective, and one of my previous article, Fresh Leads Generation with SlideShare was inspired by a post from a tweet by Social Media Examiner.

And if you are not a power twitter user, I would recommend you to be one because twitter is over everything. Bloggers are facebook addicted as I wrote previously, I don’t know why but in my opinion, Facebook is a time waste. I am more active on twitter than on any other social network.

Try twitter, follow relevant users and blogs on twitter, and you will never find yourself out of ideas.

You must be having favorite blogs, you can follow those blogs on twitter so that you can get the updates right into your twitter app, on phone or your desktop.

Not so Twitter Active ? Subscribe to Feeds

This is for those who are not too much active on twitter, subscribing to feeds is an alternative. It’s somewhat same as Twitter, but you will get blog only updates in the form of mails to your email.

So, you will only be able to look at the feed updates, but if you are too busy kind of person, then this is good for you.

You can use apps or web services to subscribe to feeds, or you can manually add RSS feed of your desired sites to apps like Feedly to get latest updates. You can also use Pocket App, which is a bookmarking service for different devices to bookmark interesting content.

Use Topsy Search

Topsy is a site which gathers all of the trending and latest tweets from all over the world. You can use Topsy to search for “what’s trending” in your niche easily, just by a simple search.


Just open Topsy and on the front page, there’s a search box, type in your blog niche, or the type of content you want to write on and hit enter.

You will see a lot of tweets relevant to your search term, and which are trending at the same time. These are some suggestions for you to write on.

Topsy also shows the number of times the search term is mentioned in past hour, week or month. It also shows the trending graph of the search term in the right which is always helpful.

Be Active on Social Profiles

You are a bloggers, so you must be having your profiles on various social networks out there, like Facebook, LinkedIn, StumbleUpon, Reddit etc.

These sites are such a good resources for new updates that you will keep on getting new ideas everything you go through the updates from your network bloggers. Specially facebook, if you have active friends in your niche, you will see a lot of trending and useful resource updates from them for sure.

You should check such updates from your social networks and you will find a relevant topic for sure to write on.

Answer Quora Questions

Quora is one of the biggest Question and Answer site. It has a lot of active users community.

If you are not getting any ideas for your next blog post, using quora to find topic is very helpful. You can write articles on what users are already asking. This way, you will find the topic to write about and you can share your article to the user who asked the question.


I found that, the questions which are asked on Quora are common problems, and its easy to write on such topics if you are experienced in your field. You will find Quora good resource to find inspiration for your next article.

You can also use Yahoo Answers site in alternative to Quora.

Nothing to Write on ? Write your Experiences

While researching on this topic, I started reading the comments section too and I found what actually users do when they don’t get any idea for their blog post.

Most of the users said that if you’re passionate about writing, your mind will generate ideas on fast rate. But it doesn’t seem so practical.

Though the second most demand I have observed is, user like to write on the experiences they had before in their field. And I found this to be something that should work. It is because if we have already done something, it would be easy for us to help other guys to do the same thing in one go.

This way, we can update our blog with some informative content, that is definitely going to help other users at some stage.

I hope this article will help you to get some ideas for your next blog post. And if you like the article, I would really appreciate if you will share this article on Twitter or on your favorite social network.

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