Amazon Affiliate Getting Started Guide and Marketing Tips

February 11, 2013

This post describes how to become Amazon Associate and use right marketing strategies to promote amazon products for generating income online.


Amazon is top e-commerce site, used by billions of Peoples everyday for buying every kinda stuff. So, with Amazon’s Associate or Amazon Affiliate Program, you can increase your revenue to great extent.

Its better to do affiliate marketing instead of using Ad Networks, like Google Adsense, or BuySellAds. This is because displaying ads on your blogs may make your readers uncomfortable while going through your site and content. Though reasonable placements of advertisements can work better, without losing the reader’s trust.

Also, affiliate marketing pays you more than any of the advertising networks, but it also needs focused research of everything, like which products to promote and strategy to promote.

The key to Successful Affiliate Marketing is the trust your readers have on your blog and the relevancy.

Without trust, you would face it hard to convince your reader, not only for buying any product, but also for convincing them for subscribing on your blog. On the other site, relevancy does matters in terms of the category of product you are promoting.

Taking an example, lets say you have a Web Design Blog, and if you are promoting internet marketing books from Amazon, then it would not be a good idea. Be relevant to what your blog is all about, and search for similar products that connects with your niche. Of course you will get a product that matches your blog’s topic, amazon have a wide range of stuff to promote.

Here are the things you need to consider before you plan to promote a product from amazon if you are wanting to get good conversion rate.

How to Get Started ?

Its simple, though takes some time as there is a review system. You can sign up for amazon easily here, enter the credentials and confirm your registration.

You need to enter your blog details, and it will take about a day for their review and approval of your account. Here’s the commission rate information chart for the amazon associates program.


Once approved, you can get started with your Amazon Associates account and start promoting products.

How relevant is the product you’re promoting

Promoting any stuff from amazon is easy, but only those marketers get sales who research on what products can have the most conversions from their blogs. The basic step to start with affiliate marketing is to find a product people are buying and those which have chances to get sold.

You would never want to sell something like Parachutes, Helicopters etc. Would you ?

And one more thing you need to focus on, that is to promote digital/downloadable products, digital products have more probability of getting sold than stuff mentioned in the last line.

Do some research on your niche, and the products related to your niche which can be downloaded, like books or software. Filter them in order of popularity, don’t go for the first product, choose the second product from the very same list and research on that product. This product is the one you should promote.

Try this, and if you follow this technique with some other below, you would definitely get the results.

Traffic, Traffic, Traffic, Do you have ?

I am not saying you should have millions of gazillions of traffic, but you should have moderate traffic that goes the way you control. I don’t meant robots or bots though.

Without traffic on your blog, you would not be able to do anything. With anything, I meant you would not be able to do build readers for your blog, you would not be able to convert those readers to subscribers, and ultimately you would not get profitable audience.

In the checklist of needs of any blogger, traffic tops, or maybe at the second position. I hope you do agree with this fact. But its a true fact that if you can’t gather a minimum of 500 “readers” a day, then you need to improve content quality and your reach.

It simple and didn’t need much explanation why its important to have traffic, and how to achieve traffic.

How to promote Amazon Products for better results ?

You would probably host your affiliate links and product widgets on your blog. But what are the factors that work ? Don’t know ?

You should only use affiliate links for promoting products from amazon. I would never recommend an amazon product widget with your affiliate links because it will never ever will get to the notice of your reader.

Why so ? Because these affiliate widgets never create the same effect as that of affiliate links that looks more natural and appealing. You can wrap those links with attractive and convincing anchor texts.

If your blog is getting lot of readers response and huge traffic, try using affiliate links in the sidebar so that link appears widely on all pages of your site which would be far better for getting results.

Apart from this, you have to place relevant affiliate links to your articles as much as possible, but this doesn’t mean to stuff the affiliate links everywhere.

What kind of products to promote exactly ?

These are some ideas and observed techniques that mostly works.

Promote those amazon products which have average prices, not too high, not too low. Your reader would not buy a car using your affiliate link.

Never choose products with high volume of competition, that is giant blogs are promoting the same product.

As mentioned above, always choose products which can be digitally used or downloaded, or that doesn’t needs shipment. Books, Apps, Music, Games are most likely to get sales.

Don’t try to promote too many products at the same time if you are not getting sales. It just breaks the probability of getting sales. Focus on three to seven products at once, and target them in your blog content.

It’s good to promote products which are running up with discounts or coupons, and promoting such products are observed to make a boost of sales in short time.

Final Words for Amazon Associate Program

Above are the marketing tips everyone should follow to get the most out of amazon and make money with affiliate marketing. It’s just good to promote products and earn commission while you sleep.

It isn’t easy, but isn’t impossible too. Don’t forget to include your views by commenting below.

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