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Social Media is a big term which not just means twitter,facebook etc. but it is also directly related to marketing, business, commerce and influence. Social Media not only helps creating your business, but also helps in growing your business by finding customers for your business. It would not be wrong to say that Social Media is one of the major and important factor for getting success in your business.

Wether it is any online business like e-commerce, Blogging, Products or an offline business, if you are not using social networking well then you are losing much of your influencing power. These are just networking websites, but since they have lots of users using their social network, you can attract some of them for your business. [click to continue…]



Facebook is a site with very wide user base and people from every industries and of every profession. While some of the people use it as Social Networking site, most of the people use it for marketing and development. Getting followers on isn’t easy, but everyone love quotes and find them inspirational.With my technique,you can increase your followers on facebook.

It’s always good to have your account on major social networks like twitter, facebook, google+ and others. But it’s pretty difficult to manage all the social networks giving them equal time and importance. [click to continue…]

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Tumblr is a bigger platform which comes after WordPress which has a lot of users. Just like WordPress Themes Marketplace, Tumblr Theme Marketplace is also popular and has huge number of themes in the Tumblr Garden, which is the name of Tumblr Theme Store.

Making Tumblr Theme is somewhat easier than that of WordPress Themes, but Tumblr Theming is a creative work.

You have a lot of custom options to integrate and you just by adding custom blocks and tags, you can give full features to any theme. [click to continue…]



Affiliate Marketing is one of the good ways to make money online. You can use your blog for affiliate marketing, as it is easy to convince your blog readers. There are a lot of tools and apps for affiliate marketers for managing their links and sales easily.

Link Cloaking is big part of affiliate marketing as without your affiliate links, you won’t get sales. WordPress has plugins, but not all are good.

I was searching for Affiliate Link Cloaking plugins for WordPress, and as we all know that WordPress is most popular CMS, I found a lot of plugins for Link Cloaking. I tested most of them, and came up with the only plugin that I would recommend everybody. [click to continue…]


YouTube is leading video sharing site, and its good source for getting yourself audience and subscribers.

It is hard if you are beginning with YouTube marketing. You want to get more subscribers, get likes and most common thing, comments on your video. With more comments, you can lead the commenter to your channel subscribers.

One more obvious thing is, the more subscribers you have, the more people will see your videos and the more interaction you will get via comments and social sharing. But how can beginners or anyone can get people to comment on their videos ? [click to continue…]


Google recently revealed Google Plus comments for Blogger, and now, WordPress users can use Google plus comment system on wordpress too. Just like other system and facebook comment system, Google plus have brought a brand new comment system for blogger and wordpress.

Brandon Holtsclaw of Cloud Hero have created a plugin to integrate Google Plus Comment system into wordpress blogs easily. Brandon is already using this thing on his own blog and the Google+ Comments are looking pretty nice. [click to continue…]


Norris Wordpress Theme

Here I am, Introducing the all new Norris WordPress Theme. Norris is a clean, fixed with, powerful and SEO optimized WordPress Theme. While making this theme, I focused more on making it clean and powerful in terms of SEO.

Norris is very simple looking theme, but you can use it on most types of blogs whether its your personal blog, technology blog or any kind of updates blog. Setting up this theme is a seconds game, you just need to activate it from the WordPress Dashboard and you are done.

Most wonderful thing is this theme is free.

You can download it now from below this post and start using it from now on. [click to continue…]


koken cms

If you want to open your photography portfolio, you should use Koken CMS. Koken is a free minimal photo gallery management system. You can consider it as WordPress of photography sites.

Koken is specially designed for photographers who want to showcase their portfolio online. But this is not the limit, you can use it in many ways of-course if you want.

So far, this is the only CMS I know with such a beautiful and brilliantly designed admin dashboard. Its dashboard is even better than WordPress’s Admin Panel. I am already using it on one of my new site and I found Koken flexible and easy to design too. [click to continue…]



Bloggers often go blank before writing a blog post on their blog. Some niches are easier to update, but content writing niches are hard to write on.

Even I was out of ideas before writing this article, but considering its a normal issue with most bloggers, I researched into the topic and read some of the great articles. And I am gonna share the best with the readers of Traffic Hood.

When I was talking about niches, I meant niches which needs more writing than just updating the blog. Like, for example, Internet Marketing, or Blogging are some niches which should focus on topics which needs more content, and the topic range is already filtered. [click to continue…]



For ranking on search engines, keyword analysis is one of the important factor. Google Search can help you find right keywords for your blog posts.

In fact, I find Google keywords better than what I research on Market Samurai or Google’s Keyword Research Tool for AdWords Users. Whether you are using such tools for finding right keywords or not, you will find this article helpful for you even if you don’t know keyword research at all.

Google prefers natural SEO (white hat), and for that, we don’t really need anyone’s SEO help. We can write our own articles in the niche we are expert in, and when it comes to Search Optimization, anyone can do it of his own. [click to continue…]